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Shoppinglist for PocketPC

This application will track your shopping list, allow you to define stores you shop at and associate each item with one or more stores. You can then filter your list based on store, or show a complete list. The application will remember all items you've ever entered; they can be viewed on the All Item tab of the application. Stores are defined on the Store tab. The List tab will show you the items currently marked as needed.


  • Each item can be associated with multiple stores
  • You can track price and aisle location per store
  • Search for items previously entered
  • Simple in operation


  • PocketPC 2000 or newer
  • Visual Basic runtime
Note: Windows Mobile 2003 (aka PocketPC 2003) owners need to download the Visual Basic runtime. This runtime is only needed and will only work on Windows Mobile 2003 (aka PocketPC 2003). To Install, copy the cab file over to your mobile device My Documents and open it up. If you have problems or questions contact support@gooeynet.net

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